Thursday March 22, 2018 03:47:51 UTC

VMWare Folding ChangeLog

    + Added verbosity levels 1-9 to web interface for SMP and Uni clients
    + Updated JSON stat page and psummary dl script to not depend on CPAN modules to allow for running Perl interpreter by itself and to save 65MB of disk space
    + Updated psummary download script used by JSON stat page for supporting most recent psummary project list
    + Updated to kernel 3.0.1
    + Added USER export to rc.M file to allow for startup of Langouste on boot
    + Fixed misc minor bugs in init and other scripts
    + Web
        - Changed Ramdisk option to use tmpfs only
        - Added backup/restore back in
        - Add the option to select packet size for uni-processor clients
        - Updated help section
    + Updated fahcontrol to support starting and stopping of both SMP and uni-processor clients
    + Added check to fahcontrol, fahbackup, and shutdown script for the timestamp of the ckp file before shutting down the client or
                before backing up data
    + Added ntpdate update to sync time on bootup if NTP service is disabled
    + Added Perl
    + Updated Apache config to support CGI
    + Added interface for providing JSON output of system and folding stats
        - sys/  Return # of CPU processors, load average, memory info, and core/system temps if sensor modules
            loaded (primarily for native image)
        - sys/  Return array of TPF history for most recent work unit of each client
        - sys/ Return atoms, base_points, bonus_factor, bonus_points, completion_time, core, current_percent,
                    deadline, download_time, duration, final_deadline, k_factor, log_path, points_duration, ppd, ppd_duration,
                    preferred_deadline, project, proj_run, runtime, status, total_points, tpf_avg, tpf_max, tpf_min
    + Added script to download CPU projects from psummary in CSV format for
    + Updated to kernel

1.5.0 (02/27/2011) -
    + Updated rc script to downlod client v6.34 for Core A5 support
    + Updated shutdown scripts to check for FahCore_a5.exe
    + Update kernel to 2.6.37
        - Added additional kernels built for Sandy Bridge (AVX), Core i7, Core 2, and AMD Barcelona using GCC 4.6
    + Updated to glibc 2.13 32-bit and 64-bit
    + Updated tear's Langouste to 0.15.6
    + Removed wine support
    + Other misc script and web page updates

    + Upgraded to kernel 2.6.36
    + Added IA32 and Wine support for bigadv support via Linux using the Windows client
        - Checking the bigadv option will use Wine and the Windows folding client otherwise the Linux folding client is used
    + Added support for running one or more uni-processor clients
        - Can be run simultaneously with the SMP client
        - Can be enabled via the web

1.3 (07/22/2010) -
    + Added backup option intervals for 15-min, 30-min, 1-hr, 2-hr, and 4-hr
    + Updated backup script to run only if there is an active folding process
    + Added a check to the backup script to check timestamp of folding checkpoint ckp file. If current timestamp is near 15 minutes after previously written
      checkpoint, wait several minutes before backing up files.
    + Set script to keep up to a total of 10 backups
    + Made restore on boot optional and added option to select which backup file to restore
    + Updated shutdown script to check every 15-seconds (up to 10-minutes) to see if the FahCore processes have shut down before continuing shutdown process.
      Hopefully this will allow for a more graceful shutdown of the work unit.
    + Updated web generation script to check for existing client.cfg and to maintain the local= variable when generating a new client.cfg file
    + Updated boot instructions to include FahSpy setup and some additional information
    + Updated to kernel and glibc 2.11.2
    + Updated tear's Langouste3 to the latest version 0.12.2
    + Changed file system back to XFS since this fs seems to be more resiliant against power offs without proper shutdown
    + Setup a cronjob to run a hwclock sync every 15-minutes for reported clock drift issues
    + Made some minor updates to several scripts

1.2 -
    * Kernel
        + Add several new kernel builds with additional optimization.
            - Changed from IDE to SCSI device
            - Upgraded to the latest stable

    * System update
        + Added support for automatic backup of data that can be enabled via the web interface or console.
            - Backup runs hourly and on system shutdown. On the next bootup, the data is restored from the most recent backup.
            - A maximum history of five backups are kept in /var/fah via tar.gz files.
        + Updated the bootup instructions.

    * Web configuration
        + Set maximum cores to 32 to cover possible additional SMP support for future releases of VMware.
            - 8-cores is still the maximum for the current 3.0.0 version of VMware Player.
        + Added links to admin and log pages via the main configuration page.

1.1 -
    * VMX changes
        + Found an issue with the virtualHW.version being set to an older version which limits some of the memory when setting more than 3600MB.
            - Corrected to the latest version 7.
        + Set default memory to 4600MB

    * Folding client
        + Added Linux folding client version 6.29

    * File system
        + Changed file system to JFS in hopes to improve work unit stability from shutting down the client and also to reduce delay between work units

    * Web configuration
        + Fixed issue where MPICH_NO_LOCAL was not being set properly. Set environment variable to export.
        + Added option for setting the Workgroup used by Samba
        + Added an option to set either the Intel or AMD kernel as default on boot
        + Changed the minimum cores to 2 to support dual-core processors and FahCore_a3.exe
        + Updated the info on the success.php page

1.0 -
    * System update
        + Added mingetty for auto-login
        + Setup autofah account for auto-login via tty1 and tty2 | tty3-6 require login
        + Further init scripts tweaking for faster boot
        + Changed IDE sub-system to SATA for faster boot
        + Changed HTTP service to start less servers for less memory consumption
        + Updated fahbackup script to backup to /var/fah instead of /usr/local/fah to reduce copy time when Langouste copies the folding directory to /tmp for upload
        + Made a new and simpler rc.inet script which is also compatible with web interface for DHCP/Static IP options
        + Decided to revert back to 60-seconds for folding shutdown since the process seems to shutdown in less time than that.
        + Updated fahbackup to keep a maximum history of five backups
        + Updated some packages to the latest stable version: glibc (2.11.1), e2fsprogs (1.41.9), xfsprogs (3.0.3), coreutils (8.3),
              dbus (1.2.16), and xz (4.999.9beta)

    * Web configuration
        + Changed success.php page for cleaner look and added links to log files for ease of access
        + Added verbosity option which enables verbosity 9 for fah6
        + Added option for restore on boot which will create a backup before system shutdown and then restore that backup on boot (always enabled with Ramdisk)
        + Added static IP option
        + Added reboot option for submit
        + Added option for MPICH_NO_LOCAL for dual-core processors
        + Added web administration page (in development)
        + Updated web administration page with a small Ajax enabled log viewer used for tailing the control log file
        + Added option to disable file system barriers for XFS
        + Added option for advmethods
        + Added help option to configure page

    * Command line programs / scripts
        + fahcontrol: Used for folding control and by the web administration (in development)
            - parameters:
            - start: start folding client unless auto-startup is disabled or the client is already running
            - stop: stop folding client - make a backup first
            - restart: restart client - calls stop and start function
            - oneunit: restart with -oneunit - calls restart function with oneunit enabled
            - pause: send signal 19 to folding cores to stop execution - make a backup first
            - continue: send signal 18 to folding cores to start execution
            - backup: backup folding data - backup to /var/fah/backup.0 and keep a maximum of five backups (0 - 4)
            - restore: stop folding client, restore folding data, start folding client
        + fahsuid: small program used by web wrapper to give Apache web server access to fahcontrol and necessary system access

    * Kernel
        + Upgraded to 2.6.33-rc4. Folding performance has been better and more stable via 2.6.33 compared to 2.6.32 from what I have seen so far.
        + Added cgroup / cpuset support. Set cpuset to mount to /dev/cpuset on boot. This feature can be used to assign tasks to sets of CPUs and memory nodes.

    * XFS tuning
        + Increased log size from default 10MB to 32MB
        + Added options noatime,nodiratime,logbufs=8

    0.7 -
    * Web configuration
        + Added NTPD option
        + Added extra Ramdisk options to specify size and to enable tmpfs as an alternative to a RAM block device with EXT2
        + Added OneUnit option for running a single work unit and then exiting fah6
        + Made Langouste and Ramdisk checkboxes available always

    * System update
        + Updated init scripts: If auto-startup or ramdisk is enabled, backup data on shutdown before shutting down fah6 and restore that backup on boot.

    * FAH Utilities
        + Added qfix

0.6 -
    * Web configuration
        + Added option for enabling tear's Langouste de-coupler on boot
        + Added option for enabling Ramdisk on boot
        + Made passkey optional for those who would rather not fold bigadv
        + Access fah log by web via web page log.php
        + Access langouste log by web via web page langouste.php

0.5 -
    * Updated kernel to
        + Added both Intel Core 2 and AMD optimized kernels
        + Changed timer frequency to 100 Hz and set to tickless (might help with clock drift issues reported)
        + Added BFS scheduler

    * System update
        + Upgraded to GLIBC-2.11
        + Rebuilt and optimized some of the core packages
        + Changed init scripts to speedup boot process and to work with FAH auto-startup functionality
        + Removed /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd.duid file (causes duplicates IP issues with multiple VMs on the same network)
        + Added Nano editor

    * Web configuration
        + Added option to change Hostname
        + Added option to start FAH on bootup and included bigadv and core options
        + Setup web config to auto-fill in info if previously configured

    * FAH Utilities
        + Added tear's Langouste WU upload/download de-coupler -

0.4 -
    * VMX changes
        + Removed Ethernet MAC address so that the virtual machine will setup a new MAC address for eth0 on startup (Helps with duplicate IP issues)
        + Set CDROM to raw mode to fix warning notice about missing ISO file
        + Set tools.remindInstall to FALSE
        + Set rtc.diffFromUTC to 0

    * Updated kernel to
        + Set compression to LZMA instead of GZIP for a smaller kernel image
        + Change optimization level to Os since folding performance was slighty better than level O2 or O3.
        + Disabled some debugging support
        + Disabled several other unnecessary features
        + Modularized USB support

    * Set virtual machine Linux system to UTC to match the folding client time configuration
    * Disabled console screensaver (setterm -blank 0)
    * Added Pico editor as a secondary editor to Vi
    * Added Cron support
    * Enabled full read and write access to the fah network share on the Linux system to allow for fah backup to host OS

    * Command line additions
        + upkernel - Used for simplified kernel upgrades
        + timesync - Used to sync the clock on a specified interval (30 minutes default)
        + fahbackup - Makes a backup of the folding queue.dat file and work directory contents to a folder called backup or a destination of your choosing
        + web - Used to enable or disable the web configuration tool
        + buildramfs - Creates a Ramdisk, copies files from fah work folder to Ramdisk, and mounts Ramdisk to work folder (Default size 750000K)
0.3 -
    * Create a new smaller image that is 85MB in size compressed
    * Same functionality as v0.2

0.2 -
    * Added web interface for simple configuration
    * Updated startup notification with additional setup information

0.1 -
    * Initial image
    * Built kernel and optimized for Core 2 architecture
    * Added fah6 6.24r3 client
    * Added Samba support for folding progress monitoring via network