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Folding@Home - Oracle Sun VirtualBox for Folding


The web page is dedicated to building a Linux-based virtual machine for folding in Windows via Virtualbox.

Make sure your system, CPU, and memory are completely stable and all temps under load are normal before trying out these bigadv units. Also make sure your operating system has enough available resources including memory. This can be checked in Windows task manager.


Version 1.3.0 has been updated to use client v6.34 and core A5 which reenables bigadv support under Linux and also includes the latest version of tear's Langouste. This version also supports running SMP2 and one or more instances of the uni-processor client. The latest image includes 4.1.18 Virtualbox additions.


Last updated: 07-03-2012
Version: 1.5.0

Linux64_FAH- (54MB)

Mirror 1 (Thanks goes to Jmtyra @ for providing a mirror of the image files)

Linux64_FAH- (37.4MB)


Linux64_FAH- (37.4MB)

VirtualBox Software:

VirtualBox 4.1.8 Installer


Please view my folding installation page for Virtualbox folding setup.
Folding Images Installation Guide


* You can open up multiple consoles by hitting ALT+F2 through F6 (up to 6) and logging in with the same login. 

* The virtual hard disk is dynamic and grows as more storage is used. The file system size is 8GB. 

* To view the startup configuration information again, run the command info

Shutting down or rebooting

To shutdown the virtual machine, run this command:

shutdown -h now

To reboot the virtual machine, run this command:


BFS Kernels

The following command will install a set of kernels with the latest BFS 406 patch and Virtualbox additions 4.1. BFS is reported to perform better while folding in Virtualbox on multi-socket systems and possibly also single-socket systems.

Kernel 3.0.1 BFS 406

Kernel 2.6.39 BFS 406

GNU License

The Linux image software is covered under the GNU General Public License Version 2


Virtualbox Linux FAH Image ChangeLog