Thursday March 22, 2018 03:47:28 UTC

Virtualbox Folding ChangeLog

    + Built kernel 3.4.4 for the following CPU types using GCC 4.7 and binutils 2.22:
          Intel: Core 2, Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell AMD: Barcelona, Bulldozer, Piledriver 
    + Added slapt-get 13.37 and dependencies and set to source off a slackware64-current mirror.  
    + Updated Tear's Langouste and TheKraken tools to the latest versions available.
          Langouste: 0.15.7, TheKraken: 0.17-pre15
    + Installed VirtualBox Additions 4.1.18
    + General system updates: GLIBC 2.15 32/64-bit
    + Added verbosity levels 1-9 to web interface for SMP and Uni clients
    + Added JSON stat page and download psummary script to support stat page
1.4.0 -
    + Added USER export to rc.M file to allow for startup of Langouste on boot
    + Fixed misc minor bugs in init and other scripts
    + Web
        - Changed Ramdisk option to use tmpfs only
        - Added backup/restore back in
        - Add the option to select packet size for uni-processor clients
        - Updated help section
    + Updated fahcontrol to support starting and stopping of both SMP and uni-processor clients
    + Added check to fahcontrol, fahbackup, and shutdown script for the timestamp of the ckp file before shutting down the client or
                before backing up data
    + Added ntpdate update to sync time on bootup if NTP service is disabled
    + Updated to kernel 3.0.0
    + Added Virtualbox Extensions 4.1.0

1.3.0 -
  * Updated rc script to downlod client v6.34 for Core A5 support
  * Updated shutdown scripts to check for FahCore_a5.exe
  * Update kernel to 2.6.37
    + Added additional kernels built for Sandy Bridge (AVX), Core i7, Core 2, and AMD Barcelona using GCC 4.6
  * Updated to glibc 2.13 32-bit and 64-bit
  * Updated tear's Langouste to 0.15.6
  * Removed wine support
  * Other misc script and web page updates

1.2.0 -

  * Upgraded to kernel 2.6.36
  * Added IA32 and Wine support for bigadv support via Linux using the Windows client
    - Checking the bigadv option will use Wine and the Windows folding client otherwise the Linux folding client is used
  * Added support for running one or more uni-processor clients
    - Can be run simultaneously with the SMP client
    - Can be enabled via the web
  * Added vbox-additions 3.2.10

1.1 -
  * Kernel
    + Updated to kernel 2.6.34

  * System update
    + Made some minor updates to several scripts
    + Setup a cronjob to run a hwclock sync every 15-minutes for reported clock drift issues

1.0 -
  * Folding client
     + Added Linux folding client version 6.29

  * Kernel
     + Set timer frequency to 250 Hz with tickless disabled (set divider=2 in /etc/lilo.conf to help with clock drift)
     + Upgraded to 2.6.33-rc4. Folding performance has been better and more stable via 2.6.33 compared to 2.6.32 from what I have seen so far.
     + Added cgroup / cpuset support. Set cpuset to mount to /dev/cpuset on boot. This feature can be used to assign tasks to sets of CPUs and memory nodes.
     + Added SATA AHCI support making it possible to use VBox SATA controller instead of IDE controller

  * System update
     + Added mingetty for auto-login
     + Setup autofah account for auto-login via tty1 and tty2 | tty3-6 require login
     + Further init scripts tweaking for faster boot
     + Changed IDE sub-system to SATA for faster boot
     + Changed HTTP service to start less servers for less memory consumption
     + Updated fahbackup script to backup to /var/fah instead of /usr/local/fah to reduce copy time when Langouste copies the folding directory to /tmp for upload
     + Made a new and simpler rc.inet script which is also compatible with web interface for DHCP/Static IP options
     + Changed 60-second for folding shutdown to 120-seconds
     + Updated fahbackup to keep a maximum history of five backups
     + Updated some packages to the latest stable version: glibc (2.11.1), e2fsprogs (1.41.9), xfsprogs (3.0.3), coreutils (8.3),
         dbus (1.2.16), and xz (4.999.9beta)
     + Change default display mode from VESA to VGA to help with console performance (framebuffer still available via manual config - vga=ask)

  * Web configuration
     + Added NTPD option
     + Added extra Ramdisk options to specify size and to enable tmpfs as an alternative to a RAM block device with EXT2
     + Added OneUnit option for running a single work unit and then exiting fah6
     + Made Langouste and Ramdisk checkboxes available always
     + Changed success.php page for cleaner look and added links to log files for ease of access
     + Added verbosity option which enables verbosity 9 for fah6
     + Added option for restore on boot which will create a backup before system shutdown and then restore that backup on boot (always enabled with Ramdisk)
     + Added static IP option
     + Added reboot option for submit
     + Added option for MPICH_NO_LOCAL for dual-core processors
     + Added web administration page
     + Updated web administration page with a small Ajax enabled log viewer used for tailing the control log file
     + Added option for advmethods
     + Added help option to configure page
     + Fixed issue where MPICH_NO_LOCAL was not being set properly. Set environment variable to export.
     + Added option for setting the Workgroup used by Samba
     + Added an option to set either the Intel or AMD kernel as default on boot
     + Changed the minimum cores to 2 to support dual-core processors and FahCore_a3.exe
     + Updated the info on the success.php page

  * Command line programs / scripts
     + fahcontrol: Used for folding control and by the web administration
        - parameters:
        - start: start folding client
        - stop: stop folding client
        - restart: restart client
        - oneunit: restart with -oneunit
        - pause: send signal 19 to folding cores to stop execution
        - continue: send signal 18 to folding cores to start execution
        - backup: backup folding data
        - restore: stop folding client, restore folding data, start folding client
     + fahsuid: small program used by web wrapper to give Apache web server access to fahcontrol and necessary system access

  * File system
     + Changed file system to JFS in hopes to improve work unit stability from shutting down the client and also to reduce delay between work units

  * FAH Utilities
     + Added qfix

0.9 -
  * Web configuration
     + Added option for enabling tear's Langouste de-coupler on boot
     + Added option for enabling Ramdisk on boot
     + Setup a backup of Ramdisk on shutdown and restore to Ramdisk on boot
     + Made passkey optional for those who would rather not fold bigadv

0.8 -
  * Updated kernel to
     + Added both Intel Core 2 and AMD optimized kernels
     + Changed timer frequency to 100 Hz and set to tickless (might help with clock drift issues reported)
     + Added BFS scheduler
     + Changed I/O scheduler from CFQ to Deadline
     + Added VirtualBox Additions 3.1.2

  * System update
     + Upgraded to latest GLIBC-2.11
     + Rebuilt and optimized some of the core packages including init and bash
     + Changed init scripts to speedup boot process and to work with FAH auto-startup functionality
     + Removed /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd.duid file (causes duplicates IP issues with multiple VMs on the same network)
     + Added Nano editor

  * Web configuration
     + Added option to change Hostname
     + Added option to start FAH on bootup and included bigadv and core options
     + Setup web config to auto-fill in info if previously configured

  * FAH Utilities
     + Added tear's Langouste WU upload/download de-coupler

0.7 -
  * Upgraded to VirtualBox Additions 3.0.12

  * Updated kernel to
     + Set compression to LZMA instead of GZIP for a smaller kernel image
     + Change optimization level to Os since folder performance was slighty better than level O2 or O3.
     + Disabled some debugging support
     + Disabled several other unnecessary features
     + Modularized USB support

  * Set virtual machine to UTC to match the folding client time configuration
  * Disabled console screensaver
  * Added Pico editor as a secondary editor to Vi
  * Added Cron support
  * Made fah network share writable to allow for backing fah data to and from host operating system

  * Command line additions
     + upkernel - Used for simplified kernel upgrades
     + timesync - Used to sync the clock on a specified interval (30 minutes default)
     + fahbackup - Makes a backup of the folding queue.dat file and work directory contents to a folder called backup or a destination of your choosing
     + web - Used to enable or disable the web configuration tool
     + buildramfs - Creates a Ramdisk, copies files from fah work folder to Ramdisk, and mounts Ramdisk to work folder (Default size 750000K)

0.6 -
  * Disabled ScaleMP support in kernel due to fah6 crashes

0.5 -
  * Upgraded to VirtualBox Additions 3.0.10
  * Upgrade kernel to
     + Enabled Multi Core and SMT schedulers
     + Enabled ScaleMP support
     + Changed timer frequency from 1000 Hz to 250 Hz
     + Set maximum processors to 32
  * Added web configuration interface
  * Updated startup notification with FahMon and web configuration information

0.4 -
  * Added VirtualBox Additions 3.0.6 in an attempt to minimize clock drift
  * Setup automatic sync of hardware clock to system clock on boot

0.3 -
  * Installed the stable kernel 2.6.31 version with its recent release

0.2 -
  * Trimmed some unnecessary drivers out of the kernel
  * Disabled multicore scheduling and hyperthreading support in kernel since these features did not seem to make any difference
  * Added NTP support for clock sync (ntpd service disabled by default)

0.1 -
  * Initial image
  * Built and added optimized dev 2.6.31-rc9 kernel
  * Added fah client
  * Added network support for FahMon via Samba
  * Configured system for a bare minimum service and process configuration to minimize memory usage