Thursday March 22, 2018 03:48:13 UTC
Folding@Home - Native Folding Image


  + Added option to set verbosity level via SMP and uni-processor clients
  + Updated lmsensors to version 3.3.1
  + Reduced image size

  + Increased file system size to 8GB to accommodate p6903 and p6904
  + Added additional sensor modules for lmsensors and temperature monitoring
  + Cleaned up network configuration for cases where eth0 becomes eth1 on a new install
  + Updated psummary download script used by JSON stat page
  + Set EXT3 as default fs
  + Added a USB image that adds rootdelay=20 as bootloader option to allow for booting USB devices
  + Updated system packages
    - Kernel 3.0
    - GLIBC 2.14

  + Updated Langouste to 0.15.7
  + Added web option for setting Langouste upload throttle
  + Fixed a bug with fahcontrol folding restart
  + Updated system packages
  + Built BFS kernels for optional download (2.6.39-bfs-404)
  + As was requested, built a second image using EXT3 fs that may help with long write times after work unit completion
1.3.0 -
  + Updated udev to version 166 for the boot ISO image
  + Added USER export to rc.M file to allow for startup of Langouste on boot
  + Fixed misc minor bugs in init and other scripts
  + Web
    - Changed Ramdisk option to use tmpfs only
    - Added backup/restore back in
    - Add the option to select packet size for uni-processor clients
    - Updated help section
  + Updated fahcontrol to support starting and stopping of both SMP and uni-processor clients
  + Added check to fahcontrol, fahbackup, and shutdown script for the timestamp of the ckp file before shutting down the client or
            before backing up data
  + Added ntpdate update to sync time on bootup if NTP service is disabled
  + Added Perl
  + Updated Apache config to support CGI
  + Added interface for providing JSON output of system and folding stats
    - sys/  Return # of CPU processors, load average, memory info, and core/system temps if sensor modules
        loaded (primarily for native image)
    - sys/  Return array of TPF history for most recent work unit of each client
    - sys/ Return atoms, base_points, bonus_factor, bonus_points, completion_time, core, current_percent,
                deadline, download_time, duration, final_deadline, k_factor, log_path, points_duration, ppd, ppd_duration,
                preferred_deadline, project, proj_run, runtime, status, total_points, tpf_avg, tpf_max, tpf_min
  + Added script to download CPU projects from psummary in CSV format for
1.2.0 -
  + Updated rc script to downlod client v6.34 for Core A5 support
  + Updated shutdown scripts to check for FahCore_a5.exe
  + Update kernel to 2.6.37
    - Added additional kernels built for Sandy Bridge (AVX), Core i7, Core 2, and AMD Barcelona using GCC 4.6
  + Updated to glibc 2.13 32-bit and 64-bit
  + Updated tear's Langouste to 0.15.6
  + Removed wine support
  + Other misc script and web page updates

1.1.0 -
  + Upgraded to kernel 2.6.36
  + Added IA32 and Wine support for bigadv support via Linux using the Windows client
    - Checking the bigadv option will use Wine and the Windows folding client otherwise the Linux folding client is used
  + Added support for running one or more uni-processor clients
    - Can be run simultaneously with the SMP client
    - Can be enabled via the web
1.0.0 -
  + Upgraded to kernel
  + Changed folding client shutdown scripts to check for active core processes and wait until those processes exit for more graceful shutdown
  + Minor script updates