Saturday June 15, 2024 02:07:37 UTC
Folding && BOINC - PXE / TFTP Diskless Network Boot Image
32-bit Image

  - First image build based on 64-bit image updated for 32-bit only support
  - Added 32-bit kernel builds for AMD Geode/K6/K7, Intel Atom, and Intel Pentium 3/4/M processors

64-bit Image

  - Fixed rc.fah script to set +x on fah6 after downloading binary
  - Added TFTP option for setting folding verbosity level for both SMP and Uni-processor clients - MLEVEL and ULEVEL
  - Added small 64K Mongoose CGI-enabled HTTP server
    + Added TFTP option for disabling or enabling HTTP service
    + Added TFTP option for setting document root which defaults to /var/http - useful if user would like to store custom web pages via NFS
    + Added TFTP option for setting HTTP port and optional log files
  - Added JSON tagger stat tool and psummary download script included with the virtual and native images
    + http://IP/ - Return # of CPU processors, load average, memory info, and core/system temps if lmsensor modules are loaded
    + http://IP/ - Return detailed project and runtime information for current running projects via SMP and Uni clients
    + http://IP/ - Return TPF history for SMP and Uni clients that have log files
    + The URL for the psummary download script can be specified in the TFTP configuration
  - Updated NVIDIA drivers to version 280.13
  - Updated to kernel 3.0.1
  - Updated lmsensors to 3.3.1 and added barebones Perl support for sensors-detect
  - Updated to Busybox 1.19.0
  - Compressed initrd image with XZ LZMA2 resulting in reduction from 18.3MB GZ compressed to 11.2MB
  - Added option to add rc and cron file to either boinc or fah NFS directories. The rc file will allow running extra commands on boot and 
    the cron file will override the default crontab.
  - Updated the shutdown script with extra process checking for boinc shutdown
  - Updated NVIDIA drivers to version 270.41.06
  - Added RTC support to kernels for hwclock support
  - Fixed several bugs in fahcontrol script
  - Updated init scripts to eliminate warning messages when BOINC is enabled in config but not set to start automatically
  - Fixed bug in folding shutdown in relation to shutting down Uni-processor clients
  - Updated NVIDIA drivers to version 270.26
  - Updated to Linux kernel 2.6.38
  - Fixed bug in rc.fah init script
  - Updated folding init and control scripts to the latest version
  - Updated NVIDIA drivers to version 270.18
  - Setup folding client for bigadv work to run natively with the release of new client and core version
  - Added option to TFTP configuration to specify driver version
  - Minor misc updates to rc scripts.
  - Updated to Linux kernel 2.6.37
  - Fixed two init file issues relating to loading of optional BOINC specific configuration
  - Updated to Linux kernel
  - Added additional kernels for additional architectures supported by GCC 4.6
  - Updated to nvidia driver 260.19.29 for GTX 570 support
  - Added wine support
  - Updated init scripts to download and use Windows folding client with bigadv option set
  - Added folding uni-processor support options
  - Updated system with 32-bit and 64-bit version 2 and 3 CUDA toolkit libraries
  - Added option for setting maximum cpu cores in addition to maximum cpu usage
  - Built NVIDIA driver 260.19.21 for support with cards up to 580 GTX
  - Added module support to kernel for building NVIDIA module
  - Added CUDA option to TFTP configuration for downloading and loading NVIDIA module, libraries, and nvclock
  - Created separate downloadable archive containing NVIDIA module, libraries, and nvclock
  - Added Samba shares for BOINC 32-bit and 64-bit directories for simple installation of optimized binaries in project directories
  - Fixed a bug in relation to IA32 support
  - Updated to Linux kernel
  - Updated to busybox 1.17.4
  - Updated script for temperature monitoring for improved output
  - Added 32-bit support to kernel
  - Added 32-bit glibc 2.11.2
  - Added 32-bit BOINC v6.10.58 support enabled via option ENABLE32 in TFTP configuration
  - Added option to set passwd for fah and boinc accounts via TFTP which is used by console and SSH login if enabled
  - Updated BOINC to version v6.10.58
  - Updated to Linux kernel